Panettone and Milan

The Duomo, the Sforzesco Castle, the Gallery and… Panettone. If Milan comes with some internationally recognised icons, Panettone is undoubtedly one of them. There is a long, centuries-old link between the city of Milan and Panettone, dating back to the Middle Ages, and many are the stories told about the creation of Milan’s most popular loaf. They include romantic and poetic stories of noble knights, charitable nuns or kitchen boys at the court of the City Lords.

Our products

Making Panettone is an art. We inherited the secrets of the craft from Angelo Vergani’s passion and long experience. Since 1944, we have always followed his old recipes to offer you an authentic taste of the sweet loaf that made Milan famous around the world.

Panettone boutiques

Halfway between a shop and a café, Vergani Boutiques are a tribute to Milan and its sweetest tradition.
They are a place where lovers of Milan’s iconic loaf can buy the original Panettone Vergani (and its special versions), freshly baked every day of the year, or treat themselves to a traditional Milanese breakfast: a warm slice of Panettone and a nice cup of Barbajada… so good your taste buds won’t believe!

Organic and Tasty

This Christmas we have the perfect product for everyone… even those who have a green soul and choose to eat…