Vergani Panettone Boutiques

Halfway between a shop and a café, Vergani Boutiques are a tribute to Milan and its sweetest tradition.
They are a place where lovers of Milan’s iconic loaf can buy the original Panettone Vergani (and its special versions), freshly baked every day of the year, or treat themselves to a traditional Milanese breakfast: a warm slice of Panettone and a nice cup of Barbajada… so good your taste buds won’t believe!

  • Opening times
  • Milan
  • Corso di Porta Romana, 51 (M3 Crocetta)
  • from Monday to Saturday 6.45 / 19.30
  • Sunday 8.00 / 19.00
  • Milan
  • Via Mercadante, 17 (M1 e M2 Loreto)
  • from Monday to Saturday 7.00 / 19.30
  • Sunday 8.00 / 13.00