The old recipes

Old Recipes

Making Panettone is an art. We inherited the secrets of the craft from Angelo Vergani’s passion and long experience. Since 1944, we have always followed his old recipes to offer you an authentic taste of the sweet loaf that made Milan famous around the world.

Panettone Classico Milano: the original Panettone, the king of Christmas cakes. A soft and delicate loaf, wider than it is high, with raisins and candied peel, according to Milan’s time-honoured tradition. Weight: 750 g, 1000 g, 1500 g or 2000 g.

Classico Pandoro: irresistibly fluffy and delicately flavoured, because we always make it with high-quality butter and fresh egg yolks. Although we are 100% Milanese, we also aspire to please the lovers of this traditional sweet yeast bread that originated in Verona. Weight: 1000 g.

Veneziana: Ultimate softness, candied peel, and a crunchy topping with slivered almonds and pearl sugar come together to make our Veneziana bread unmistakable. Weight: 720 g or 1000 gr.

Panettone Soave: Candied peel: with or without? No accounting for taste. This is why we created a sweet Panettone without raisins or candied peel, with a scrumptious almond topping for an extra boost of flavour. Weight: 900 g.

Almond glazed: according to a classic Piedmont recipe, panettone should come with delicate amaretto glaze and and a hearty handful of chopped almonds on top. As with Pandoro, we decided to pay tribute to another all-Italian favourite. Tasting is believing! Weight: 1000 g.

Apricot and Pear: experience new flavours without breaking with tradition: our Panettone with candied Apricot and Pear will wow your palate with a balanced mix of flavours, expertly combined with our classic, soft loaf. Weight: 1000 g.

Pear and Chocolate: a new gourmet choice: our Panettone with candied pear and chocolate chips is sure to please even the most demanding palates. Weight: 1000 g.

Chocolate: The perfect choice to warm up cold winter days. Dotted with dark chocolate chips, the flavour of this Panettone is enhanced by a deliciously crunchy hazelnut glaze. Weight: 1000g

Whitout candies fruits with raisin Panettone: A soft and delicate loaf, wider than it is high. Intense taste and rich in raisins. Available in size: 1000g

Vergnano coffee and chocolate panettone: A fine blend of Vergnano Coffee combined with our art of patisserie. To the high-quality ingredients of the traditional recipe, we add the aroma of the genuine Italian espresso (obtained from the selection and roasting of the best coffee beans) and delicious dark chocolate chips. 72 hours of leavening for a fragrant Panettone that exudes passion. Available in size: 750g

Three chocolate Panettone: A sprinkling of three types of chocolate chips make this panettone truly irresistible. Available in size: 1000g

Marron Glacè Panettone: Delicate traditional dough where raisins and candied fruit are replaced by small pieces of soft and delicious marron glaze candied. Available in size: 750g